HND Students Information

Dear HND Student,

In the present challenging times, hope you are taking the best care of yourself and your

family members. That should be your Top most priority. Please have more courage and

confidence to face this situation, take the precautions as guided and protect yourself and


As for as your submissions are concerned, I have tried to clarify a few issues in the following


Regarding Formative Feedback and Final Submission:

I hope you are receiving/have received the formative feedback from the teachers. Please

diligently act on the same and ensure to make your final submission well on time

(05/04/2020, Sunday).

Please make all out efforts to clear your modules in the very 1st submission. 

Referred Submissions:

However, if you are not able to achieve this, please follow the advice given by the teachers in

their final feedback. Repair your work as per the final feedback and email it to the concerned

teacher within the deadline given by the teacher in the final feedback. If the teacher is

satisfied with the standards of repairs you did to your submission, he/she will get your work

uploaded on the Referral box and will grade it there. If the teacher thinks that your

submission is still not of the required standard, he/she will email you back with

further guidance. Same is the case with those students who will be submitting first time in

referral dropbox.  You need to follow that guidance and make all relevant submissions by

30th April 2020 through your concerned teachers. 

Please follow the above sincerely and I  hope and wish that despite all the challenges all of us

are facing, you will achieve the best results.

Please also note that any submission made after the final deadline (05/04/2020) will be

eligible for Merit/Distinction.

The classes for next semester will start from 04/05/2020 and the semester will end on


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